Monaco city center


Yacht harbour in Monaco

Marina in Monaco

Seagull in St.Tropez

Never look back

Port Grimaud

At the water

St. Tropez view

Little town on water

Little town Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud

Wine road in Southern Styria

Wine and walk

Wine road

Grape wines

Bridge in Northern Ireland

Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge

Photography on the Inch beach

Photo competition

Shells in Ireland

Looking for shells

Inch beach Ireland

Walk on water

Inch beach sunset

Wonderful Inch beach

Sunset in Ireland

Inch beach sunset scenery

Beautiful landscape in Ireland

Killarney National Park landscape

Landscape Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park

Dark hedges in Ireland - Game of Thrones

Dark hedges

Stormy weather in Ireland

Sheep’s Head

The Slea Head Drive in Ireland

The Slea Head Drive

Romantic sunset at the cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher sunset

Brooklyn New York

Dumbo in Brooklyn

Bridge in New York

Manhattan bridge

New York nightlife

New York by night

Over the top in New York

Over the top of New York

Staten Island in New York

Staten Island view

Trees in the sky

Trees in the sky

Close-up view of tree

Tree close-up

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

Causeway coast way

Giant’s causeway

Northern Ireland castle

Dunluce castle

Dubrovnik in a frame

Dubrovnik in a frame

Narrow streets of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik alleys

Dubrovnik experience

Coast of Dubrovnik

Sunkissed sunken boat

Sunkissed sunken boat

Historic centre of Dubrovnik

Old town of Dubrovnik

A highlight in Dubrovnik

A highlight in Dubrovnik

The road to Dalmatia

On the road to Dalmatia

Glasses of wine and aperol

Drink and enjoy

Beautiful nature in Dalmatia

Dalmatia nature

Sunset on Cres

Sunset on Cres

Blue cave on Cres

Framing a boat

Sunken boat in Mali Losinj

Sunken boat in Mali Losinj

Hallstatt in Spring

Beautiful Hallstatt

Peafowl power in Prague

Peafowl power

Prague panorama black & white

Prague panorama

Peafowl in Prague

Elegant bird

Charles Bridge in Prague

People on Charles bridge

People on the Charles bridge

Charles bridge

Duathlon Veitsch in Austria

Sportsman on the bike

Duathlon Veitsch in Austria

Pedal power

Flowers kissed by the sun

Sunkissed flowers

Autumn in Austria

Maple leaves

Oetscher summit

The world is yours

Zebra black & white

Zebra love – B&W

Bug in nature

True bug

The road to Salzkammergut

The road to Salzkammergut

Looking through the telescope

The watcher

Deer watching in Austria - Griesmauer

Deer watching

Foggy at Grete-Klinge climbing route in Austria

Foggy atmosphere

Mountains in Austria - Reichenstein

Unforgettable impressions

Sunrise on the Dachstein glacier

Dachstein sunrise experience

Nice atmosphere at the Dachstein glacier

Sunrise at the Dachstein glacier

Natural spectacle in Zillertal

Natural spectacle

Zillertal river

Mountain river

Obersee near "Steirischer Bodensee" in Schladming

Austrian mountain scenery

Sheeps in Austria

Say hello to my wooly friends

Dachstein peaks

Dachstein view

Monkey in the tree

Posing monkey

Hungry butterfly in Vienna zoo

Hungry butterfly

Monkey eating

Monkey circus

Elephants in Schoenbrunn

Elephant family


In love with nature

Zebra love

Zebra love

Zebra watching


Field of flowers

Sunkissed cloudy sky

The sky is not the limit

Outlook from a balloon

Google earth view

Hot-air balloon sunrise

Hot-air balloon sunrise

Half moon


Zoomed full moon

Moonwhile in Austria

Yellow flowers in Zagreb

Sunny flowers

Leaf on the ground

Lonely leaf

Sunset in Austria

Sunset on wine road

Sunset over the hills of Southern Styria

Sunset over the hills of Southern Styria

Southern Styria wine road

Wine road sunset

Lake Austria in Eisenerz

Leopoldsteiner lake

Wonderful lake in Austria

Miracle of nature


Piece of art

Mountain scenery of Innsbruck

Innsbruck mountain backdrop

Traunstein reflection in the Traunsee

Wonderful Traunstein

Speed duck

Duck duck

Flowers on the island Elba

Flower power



Neusiedler See in Burgenland

Lake Neusiedl

Neusiedler See in Burgenland

Burgenland landscape

Parking in Venice

Parking in Venice

St. Mark`s Square in Venice

Magic Saint Mark’s Square

Gondolas in Venice

Venice – City of love

Venice boat

Boating in Venice

Canals in Venice

Venice canal