Monaco city center


Yacht harbour in Monaco

Marina in Monaco

Seagull in St.Tropez

Never look back

St. Tropez view

Little town on water

Little town Port Grimaud

Port Grimaud waterfront

New York statue

Statue of Liberty

Brooklyn New York

Dumbo in Brooklyn

Bridge in New York

Manhattan bridge

New York nightlife

New York by night

Over the top in New York

Over the top of New York

Staten Island in New York

Staten Island view

Brooklyn bridge railing

New York Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Dubrovnik in a frame

Dubrovnik in a frame

Narrow streets of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik alleys

Dubrovnik experience

Coast of Dubrovnik

Historic centre of Dubrovnik

Old town of Dubrovnik

A highlight in Dubrovnik

A highlight in Dubrovnik

Hallstatt in Spring

Beautiful Hallstatt

Prague panorama black & white

Prague panorama

People on the Charles bridge

Charles bridge

St. Mark`s Square in Venice

Magic Saint Mark’s Square in Venice

Venice gondolas with blurred effect

Venice gondolas

Gondolas in Venice

Venice – City of love

Venice boat

Boating in Venice

Canals in Venice

Venice canal

Bridge in Florence

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Beautiful man drinking Aperol Spritz

Aperol spritz in Verona

Amusement park Prater in Vienna

Prater in Vienna

Pure relaxation at the Brighton Pier

Brighton pier

Vancouver highlights

Colorful downtown Vancouver

Vancouver outlook

Vancouver through my lense